Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Siliguri, Dist: Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

Affiliated To The University Of North Bengal

NAAC Accredited

ISO 9001:2115


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About The Department

The College named Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya has established in 12.11.1981 at Siliguri Town. It offers under-graduate courses in arts. The campus is in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal. This womens’ college is affiliated to University of North Bengal.

The Department of Sanskrit was started with only pass course in 2008-2009. Then the Honours course was included from the session of 2017-2018.

Why study this department ?

Sanskrit is an old Indo-Aryan language. As one of the oldest documented members of the Indo-European family of languages and it holds on prominent position in Indo-European studies.
Sanskrit is related to Greek and Latin, as well as Hittite, Old Avestan and many other extinct languages with historical significance to Europe, West Asia, Central Asia, and South Asia.
The body of Sanskrit literature encompasses a rich tradition of Philosophical and religious texts, as well as poetry, music, drama. scientific, technical, physical and other texts.
Sanskrit is one of the twenty-second languages listed in the eighth schedule of the constitution of India. So everybody should know this universal language and use this in their health, wealth, moral, religion, political, social and financial stages. Now-a-day Sanskrit teaching process is very simple. The Sanskrit classes offered in the many Schools, Colleges and Universities all over India and abroad. So all the Students should know Sanskrit and its importance – It is our mission of programme.

Departmental Highlights

Intake capacity


Results (Last five years)

YearName of the Programme with codeCourse CodeNo. of Students appeared in the final Year ExamNo. of Students passed in the final Year ExamPass percentage
2018 – 2019B.A. Honours (1+1+1System)PART-I0804 (Qualified)50% Qualified
2019 – 2020B.A. Honours (1+1+1System)PART-II0504 (Qualified)80% Qualified
2020 – 2021B.A. Honours (1+1+1System)PART-III0404 (Passed)100% Passed
B.A. HonoursSemester System12 ( Final Yr sixth sem.)11 (Passed)99.66 % passed
2021 – 2022B.A. HonoursSemester System13 ( Final Yr sixth sem.)13 (Passed)100 % passed
2022 – 2023B.A. HonoursSemester System04 ( Final Yr sixth sem.)01 (Passed)25 % passed



Infrastructure of this department: 40 copies with 99 Sanskrit Books are available in our college library.
Curriculum plan of this department: Class Test, Assignment, Study Tour, Students Seminar, Special Lecture, Wall Magazine (Amritadhara), Sanskrit Day Observation, Vyasa Jayanti & Sankaracharya Jayanti Observation etc.
Study Materials: Notes, Books, articles, Sanskrit Magazine (Sudharma, Sambhassana Sandeshah), Sanskrit News, DD news (Television), Vaartaavalih etc.

Student Progression (Last five years)

SessionNo. of Students appeared in the final year examNo. of Pass out StudentsUG to PG
2020-2021Four ( Part-III, Honours Exam )FourTwo (Regular, NBU) & One admitted in Bachelor of Library Science & Information Science course (NBU)
Twelve (Semester, HonoursExam)ElevenTwo , RBU-(DDE)
2021-2022ThirteenThirteenSix , RBU-(DDE) & One admitted in B. Ed. Course

Student Enrichment Programmes

Sl. No.SessionSpecial Lecture/ Seminar/ workshopDurationFunding agencyName of the expert with detailsTotal no. of beneficiaries
05.2022-23Special Lecture25.04.23CollegeDr. Durga Debsarma. Asst. Professor in Sanskrit, Siliguri College40

Cultural Programme Celebration

Sl. No.Programmes2018-192019-202020-21 Covid-192021-222022-232023-24
01.Sanskrit Day Celebration25.08.1814.08.19NilNil12.08.2228.08.23
02.Wall Magazine Amritadhara PublicationNilNilNilNil24.01.2305.09.23
03.Study TourNilNilNilNil28.09.22-
04.Teachers’ Day CelebrationNil05.09.19NilNilNil-
05Vyasa Jayanti CelebrationNilNilNil13.07.22Nil-
06.Shankaracharya Jayanti CelebrationNilNilNilNil25.04.23-
07.Students’ seminar OrganizationNilNilNilNil16.01.23-

Faculty Members

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