Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Siliguri, Dist: Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

Affiliated To The University Of North Bengal

NAAC Accredited

ISO 9001:2115

Examination Section

Examination Details Under Choice Based Credit System [cbcs]

Eligibility criterion for appearing in Semester End Examination:

A candidate shall be eligible for appearing at any of the Semester (I to VI) end examination provided that.

End-Semester Examination (Theoretical & Practical): To secure qualifying grade in a Course/Semester, a student has to secure the minimum qualifying percentage in the Written (including Practical) Examination and the Internal Assessment taken together. A student failing to pass in one or more course(s) in 1st/2nd Semester Examination shall be permitted to re-appear in that course(s) in respective semester examinations of the following year as 2nd chance. A student will be permitted to clear his/her failed course(s) in maximum three consecutive chances irrespective of availing/not availing any particular chance. If a student wishes to skip examination in a semester, or surrender her/his result of a particular Semester- end examination, it would be included within the stipulated three chances. These students will be eligible to clear those course(s) in the respective Semester Examinations of subsequent years (i.e. 1st Semester with the 1st Semester of the subsequent year, 2nd Semester with the 2nd Semester of the subsequent year and so on. The qualifying marks for each course shall be 40% in each course of a semester taken together of internal assessment and end semester examinations.

If a candidate secures qualifying grade (P grade) in all courses the candidate will be declared to have qualified the said semester and the result will be shown as Q. However, if a student fails to secure qualifying grade P in a particular course the candidates result of the concerned semester-end examination will be declared SNC (Semester Not Cleared). Marks obtained in the internal assessment will be clubbed with marks obtained in the semester examination before awarding the grade. If a candidate fails to secure pass grade in a particular Course, he / she / transgender will have to appear in that Course only. The internal assessment marks will be retained for next examination(s) with valid chances. The Semester-end examinations will be held in the last months of the semesters, namely December (in the odd semesters) and in June (in the even semesters).

Validity of Students Enrollments / Registration: A candidate (Honours /General Course) shall have to complete each semester examination with 3 (Three) consecutive chances including his/her first appearance in the concerned semester examination. If any of the chances mentioned above is not availed of by a candidate within the stipulated period, the chance shall be deemed to have lapsed.

Total Marks Distribution: (except for AECC 1 and AECC 2)

Examination(Practical based
Duration of
(Non- Practical
of Exams
Semester End
402 hours602 hours
Semester End
20Upto 5
Assessment/Mid Semester
Exams(By Colleges)

Total Marks Distribution for AECC - I and AECC-II :

ExaminationAECC- IDuration of
of Exams
Semester End
802 .5 hours352 hours
Continuing Evaluation/Internal
Assessment/Mid Semester
Exams(By Colleges)


Conversion of Marks into grade letter and grade point

% of MarksLetter GradeGrade Point
91 and AboveO (Outstanding)10
81 - 90A + (Excellent)9
71 - 80A (Very Good)8
61 - 70B + (Good)7
56 - 60B (Above Average)6
51 - 55C+ (Average)5.5
41 - 50C (Below Average)5
Passed with 40P (pass)4
Below 40F (Fail)0

Examination Committee Members:

Dr. Ratan Chandra PaulAssistant ProfessorGeographyGeography, Urbanization, Climate Change, Natural Resources
Dr. Biplab Kumar SahaAssistant ProfessorBengaliBengali Language, Bengali Literature, Cultural Studies

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