Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Siliguri, Dist: Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

Affiliated To The University Of North Bengal

NAAC Accredited

ISO 9001:2115

Dr. Sharmila Lahiri Maitra

Department Of English
Phone No:
E.Mail :
Qualification: M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D
Designation: Associate Professor
Specialization : Contemporary English
Area of Research Interest : Creative Writing, Translation Studies, Cultural Studies, Phonetics & Postcolonial Literature.


Father’s Name: Biswanath Lahiri
Permanent Address: Sunview Apartment,73, A.M. Road, College Para, Siliguri- 734001
Communication Address: Sunview Apartment, 73, A.M. Road, College Para, Siliguri- 734001
Birth place: Calcutta
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Nationality: Indian
Religion: Hindu
Caste: Brahmin
Language Known: Bangla, Hindi, English
District: Darjeeling
Interested In: Creative writing, Contemporary English, Gender Studies


ICSECouncil for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi1976 DecNo divisions are awarded 
H.SWest Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education1979II 
B.AUniversity of Calcutta1982II 
M.AUniversity of Calcutta1984IIContemporary English
M.PhilUniversity of North Bengal1991I 
Ph.DUniversity of North Bengal22.05.2006  


Lecturer14.03.2001-13.03.2006Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya
Lecturer(Senior Scale)14.03.2006-30.06.2006Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya
Assistant Professor(Stage II) )  01.07.2006-13.03.2011Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya
Assistant Professor(Stage III) )14.03.2011-13.03.2014Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya
Associate Professor  14.03.2014-continuingSiliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya


GB (2007-2011), TCS (2007-2008), Member, Sports Board, NBU (2008-2010), Member &Working Committee Member, Sports Board, NBU (2010-2012)


1) Overwhelming Consciousness of Evil in Baudalaire, Symposium, Vol.2 No.2 Dec.2003
2) The Silhouetted Self in Mahasweta Devi’s Mother of 1084, Journal of the Department of English, Vidyasagar University, Vol 09, 2011-2012
3) Bridging Angst: Interpreting Mahasweta Devi’s Mother of 1084, Galaxy International Multidisciplinary Research Journal, Vol 1. Issue 1, January, 2012.
4) Indianness in Tagore’s Poems: Mirrored in Dyson’s Translations. Rediscovering Rabindranath Tagore. Ranjanikar. A(ed) New Voices Publication. Aurangabad, March, 2012.
5)Debt to Soil: Dyson’s Translations of Tagore’s poems. Salesian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. Vol III.NO.1. Translation: Literary and Linguistic Terrain, May,2012.
6)The Sky of Drought. Survival and Other Stories. Bangla Dalit Fiction in Translation, Orient Blackswan, 2012
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A Vision of Women Empowerment in Postmodern Indian English Fiction, Discovery Publishing House, New Delhi, 2015.
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16) Dr.Naha,S & (Bhowal)Roychoudhury,M .(ed). Contemporary Social Science: Issues and Challenges, Partition Literature:Treatise on Human Rights. NSPS, April, 2017
17) Dr. De,U & Dr.Sarkar, J.(ed) Postcolonial Indian Drama in English and English Translation: Reading Themes and Techniques Politics of Discrimination in Utpal Dutt’s Hunting the Sun. Authorpress, New Delhi, 2017
18) Rao, G.S.R.(ed) Muse India, the Literary e-Journal Issue.109. May-June, 2023. Commitment(s) ISSN: 0975-1815


1. The Other Board Syndrome: An Infrastructural Menace in Urbanized Siliguri in “Socio, Economic and Cultural Development in North Bengal: Problems and Prospects”, organized by Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya 22-23 Aug, 2008. UGC Sponsored 2 Days’ National Seminar
2. Forced Migration at the U.G.Level: A Stark reality in Siliguri in UGC Sponsored National Seminar “ Economic Reforms in India with Special Reference to the Socio Economic Development of North Bengal” organized by Siliguri College of Commerce in Collaboration with Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA), 16-17 March,2013.
3. Fate and Free will: Re-reading Dickens in the 21st Century in UGC Sponsored National Seminar “Reviewing Dickens Bi Centinary: Reading 21st Century Interpretations of Charles Dickens”, organized by University B.T.& Evening College, NBU in collaboration with Dinhata College, Coochbehar, 22, March,2013.
4. A Vision of Women Empowerment in Postmodern Indian English Fiction: The Creator and the Created in UGC Sponsored National Seminar “Women in Contemporary India: Issues and Challenges” organized by Centre for Women’s Studies, University of North Bengal, 29-30 March, 2013.
5. Women and/in Media : Issues and Challenges in “Social Security of Women in India” organized by Sikkim University in collaboration with The Association of Indian Universities on 31st March, 2013.
6. Reel and Real: Dyad in Identity Creation of Women through Daily Soaps in UGC Sponsored National Seminar “Questioning Identity: Responses of the State and Community in Contemporary India” organized by Departmenet of Political Science and Sociology, Barrackpur Rastraguru Surendranath College, Barrackpur in collaboration with the Jadavpur Association of International Relations, 23-24 August, 2013.
7. The Language of Privatization in Higher Education: Need of the hour in Contemporary North Bengal in UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Contemporary North Bengal(19b47-2011): A Discourse on Regional Politics and Economy” organized by Siliguri College in association with Munshi Premchand Mahavidyalaya, Siliguri on 22-24 November,2013.

  1. Vivekananda’s View and Women and Indian English Fiction in “Reviewing Vivekananda in the 21st Century” organized by Department of History, Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya, Siliguri, 25 February,2014.
  2. Status of Indian Women: Reality check through Literature in “Changing Status of Women in India: Dimensions and Concerns” organized by Centre for Women’s Studies, University of North Bengal on 29-30, March,2014.
  3. Teacher Education Programme : Basics and Practices in “Achievement of quality in Teacher Education Programmes” organized by Vidyasagar College of Education, 19-20 February,2015.
  4. The Array of Darkness/Light for Indian Dalit Women in the 21st Century in UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Women in 21st Century: Livelihood, Environment and Sustainability” organized by Centre for Women’s Studies, University of North Bengal on 27-28, March,2015.
  5. Culture as a Means to Augment Bilateral Relations: As reflected in Literature in International Level Seminar on “Indo -Bhutan Relations Through the Centuries” at N.B.S.Mahavidyalaya December 23-24, 2014
  6. Gendered Fabric in Utpal Dutt’s Hunting the Sun: A Perspective in UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Changing Directions of the Postcolonial Indian Theatre by University B.T & Evening College in collaboration with Dinhata College, 29-30, September, 2015.
  7. Sister Nivedita and Lady Augusta Gregory: A Comparative Study in Nationalism” in the State Level Seminar on Contribution of Sister Nibedita to Social Reforms, Women Empowerment and Nationalistic Movement: A Tribute on the 150th Birth Anniversary, Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya in collaboration with the North Bengal University Alumni Association, 31.01.2017.
  8. Boldness in the Poetic Arena of Kamala Das in a Departmental Level Seminar organized by the Department of Sociology, Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya on “ Women: be Bold for Change” on 09.03.2017.
  9. Glocal Issues in Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide: An Exploration in an International Seminar on “ Glocal Issues in Contemporary Art, Culture and Society” organized by IQAC, Birpara College on 30-31 March,2017

1. National Seminar on “Gandhi, Netaji, Nehru and the making of Modern India” organized by Centre for the Studies in Himalayan Languages, Society and Culture, Kurseong on 25.03.2007.
2. National Seminar on “Reviewing Contact Zones: The Bengal -Britain Connection organized by the Department of English, University of Calcutta on 25.02.2008.
3. National Seminar on “Voice and Vision in Theatre and Cinema” organized by the Department of English, University of Calcutta on 04.03.2008.
4.UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Dreamscapes” organized by the Dept.of English, North Bengal University on 8-9 Feb, 2013.
5. Special Lectures by Alessandro Vescovi, Prof. of English Language and Literature, University of Milan on “The Post secular Edge of Indian English Fiction” on 06.09.2018

1. 5 Days UGC Sponsored Workshop on “Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education. Centre For Women’s Studies, University of North Bengal, 27-3 March, 2007 (National Level)
2. 2 Days UGC Sponsored Orientation Workshop on “CEDAW and its Implementation in India”, Centre for Women’s Studies. PD Women’s College, Jalpaiguri. 28-29 March,2007 (National Level)
3. 2 Days Workshop on NAAC Accreditation/Best Practices in Higher Education for Colleges in North Bengal District, Quality Assurance Cell (NAAC), West Bengal State Council of Higher Education and Surya Sen Mahabidyalaya on 05-06 February,2008 (Regional Level)
4. 3 Days National Workshop on Approaches to and Strategies of Translating Dalit Literature. Organized by UGC-SAP-III, DRS, Phase I, Dept. of English, Vidyasagar University.19-21 August, 2010
5. 2 Days Workshop on Open Educational Resources for Distance Mode of Learning. Directorate of Distance Education, University of North Bengal, 1-12 March,2011

1. Influence of Social Sciences on Literature: A Basic Study in the UGC Sponsored International Conference Modern Trends in Social and Basic Sciences at Alipurduar College on 27-28, March, 2015.


  1. 6 Days UGC Sponsored Residential Workshop on “Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education-Training of Trainers”, Centre for Women’s Studies, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. 07-12 January,2008 (National Level)



  1. UGC Sponsored Refresher Course on “Perspectives on Romantic Literature in English”, 02-22 January,2004. Organized By University of North Bengal
  2. UGC Sponsored Orientation Program 10 February-09 March,2006, Organized by ASC,University of Calcutta.
  3. UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in English 20 Feb to 11 March.2008. Organized by ASC,University of Calcutta.
  4. UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in English 02 Jan Feb to 22 Jan.2010. Organized by ASC,University of Calcutta.
  5. UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in English 08-28 January,2014 Organized by ASC University of North Bengal


19.12.2002 to 22.05.2006


1Academic Admission Routine Grievance Redressal   Member Member Member, Convener Convener,Member2001-2010 2001-10 2004-2011, 16-17 2008-10,
2Seminar Academic Admission Routine Alumna Exam NAAC UGC Grievance Redressal Magazine VisakhaConvener, member Member Member Member Member Convener Member Convener, Member Member   Member Convener, Member2010-11, 2011-22 20011-2023 2010-16 2010-18 2010-16 2013-14 2011-2023 2008-19, 2019-23 2017-23   2009-23 2021-22,2022-23
3Sports Board , NBUMember, Represemting Womens Colleges  2008-2010  
4Sports Board , NBUMember. Working Committee2010-2012
5Selection Committee, Surya Sen CollegeSubject Expert2011-2012 2013-2014  



Contemporary English, Gender Studies, Translation Studies.

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