Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Siliguri, Dist: Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

Affiliated To The University Of North Bengal

NAAC Accredited

ISO 9001:2115

Dr. Renuca Rajni Beck

Department Of Political Science
Qualification: M.A., Ph.D
Designation: Assistant Professor
Specialization : Public Administration
Area of Research Interest : Panchayati Raj Institution, Democratic Politics and Tribal Studies

Personal Profile:

Nationality: Indian
Religion: Christian
Caste: ST
Language Known: Hindi, English, Bengali, Nepali, Local Language

Educational Qualification:

Name Of ExaminationName Of ExaminationYear Of PassingDivisionSpecialization
M.ANBU2003IIPublic Administration


PH.D (2018)

EditorBook Year of publicationISBN No.Publisher
Dr. Renuca Rajni Beck Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalya“Tribal Women in the Democratic Political Process: A Study of Tribal Women in the Dooars & Terai Regions of North
National2023              978-93-93934-43-7Shandilya publication, New Delhi


A. List of Articles/ Chapters published in Books

Sl. No.Title with page no.Book title, year, editor & publisherISSN/ISBN No.No. of Co-author
1Morality in Contemporary Politics (page no. 141-146)“Demarcation of Morality in Human Life: Possibilities and Consequences”, (2015),Ranjit Kumar Barman & Ranjan Kumar Das, New Delhi, Abhijeet Publication.978-93-5074-200-6Single
2Nehruvian Scheme of Tribal Development: Some Reflections in the Context of North Bengal (page no. 337-347)“The Barefoot Transformation: West Bengal and Beyond (Beyond State Politics in India)”, (2015), TirthankarChakraborty&TabesumBegam, Kolkata, Levant Books.978-93-84106-28-7Single
3.Health Care- An Effective Approach in Indian Scenario (204-208)“Contemporary Social Science: Issues and Challenges”,  2017, Editor: Sumitra Naha (Das) &Mahuya Roy Choudhury (Bhowal), N.S.P.S Publication, Siliguri, W.B.978-93-84815-13-4Single
4  Social Unrest in
North –East India due to Urban Migration: The Wherewithal for  Correction (38-40)
“Sustainable Urbanization in East India: Present Trends and Future Concerns”, 2020, Editor: Prabir Kumar Kundu Levant Books Publication, Kolkata978-93-88069-43-4Single
5.Fear mongering: A Means of governance (page no. 112-117)“Culture of Fear in World Politics: Origin and Ramification”, March 22, 2022, Editor: Bikash Ranjan Deb, Levant Books, India978-93-91741-32-7Single
6.Covid-19 and its Prevention: An Analysis from Rational ApproachDecoding Covid-19 and the Issues Associated, May, 2022, Gour Chandra Ghosh, Granthamitra, Kolkata978-93-84104-90-0Single

B. List of Full Papers in Conference Publications

Sl. NoTitle with page no.Details of Conference PublicationISSN/ISBN No.No. of Co-author
1Devolution and Tribal Women: Experience from the Field (page no. 21-39)“Towards Engendering Development” Editor: Maya Ghosh, Centre for Women’s Studies, University of North Bengal, Year: 2011978-81-906600-2-0Single
2Tribals and Their Movement: A Note on Tribal Unrest in North Bengal (page no. 138-149)“Dissenting Voices, Collective Actions and Politics of Assertions: A Pan-Indian Perspectives”, Editor: Dr. Pradip Kr. Sengupta& Dr. ManasChakrabarty, Publisher: Levant Books, Kolkata, Year: 2013978-93-80663-91-3Single
3Political Empowerment and Decision-Making: Tribal Women in Panchayats in North Bengal (Page no. 213-223)“Women Empowerment: Miles to go..”Editor: Dr. JayeetaBasu& Dr. Manas Jana, Publisher: Radiance, Kolkata, Year: 2015978-93-81037423Single
4Migration of Tribes to Tea Garden of North Bengal:  A Recent Perspective (page No. 201- 212) “Changing Scenario of Society and Culture in the Context of Globalisation”Editor: SK Kamruzzaman, Malasree Majumdar, Naruzzaman Kesemi, Publisher: NSPS, Siliguri, Year: 2015978-93-84671-29-7Single
5Challenges of Good Governance (243-246)“Good Governance and the Society: An Indian Perspective” , Editor: Papia Deb, 2016 Levant Books Publication, Kolkata978-93-84106-70-6Single

C. Research papers published in Refereed Journals as notified by UC in ‘List of Journals’ /Other Reputed Journals as notified by UV in ‘List of Journals’

Sl. No.Title          with Page no.JournalISSN/IS BN No.Whether peer Reviewed. Impact factor, if any with page noNo. of Co‐author    
1“Interrogating the Status of Tribal Women in Tea Plantation System: A case of Marginalization or Empowerment” page no. 35-43 (2018)NAM Today2347-3193yes Single
2“Tribal Women in Tea Plantation: A Process of Empowerment in Terai Region of North Bengal” Page no. 693-700 (2018)The Indian Journal of Political Science0019-5510Single
3.A Study on Right Wing Populism as a World-wide PhenomenonJournal of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai (AUGC Care Listed Journal)Vol.97, No.06 (I) June 2023 0972-0766Single
4.EditorInternational Journal for Social Development  (IJSD)Vol. 11(Oct.-Dec.) Issue 4 2023 2320-9283yesEditor
5.A Perspective on the Role of State for the Protection of Human RightsB. Aadhar (Single Blind Peer Reviewed & Refereed Indexed Multidisciplinary International Research JournalIssue No. (CDLV) 455-A December-2023 2278-93088.632Single
6.Women Empowerment: A Study in the Indian ScenarioB. Aadhar (Single Blind Peer Reviewed & Refereed Indexed Multidisciplinary International Research JournalIssue No. (CDLV) 455-C December-2023 2278-93088.632Single


A. Seminar:
I.Paper Presentation:
List of Papers accepted for presentation in Seminars

Sl. No.Title of the paper presentedTitle of SeminarOrganized byWhether International/ National/ State
1.Tribals and their Movement: A Note on Tribal Unrest in North Bengal“Democratic Response to Political Assertions: the contemporary Indian Scenario” 13th March, 2011SAP UGC DRS (Phase-II) and organized by the Department of Political Science, University of North BengalNational
2.Tribal Development in North Bengal in the light of Nehruvian scheme of Modern India“Nehru as a Builder of Modern India”   17th  March, 2011Department of Political Science, University of North Bengal under the auspices of Centre for Nehru Studies (UGC)National
3.Interrogating the Status of Tribal Women in Tea Plantation System: A Case of Marginalization or EmpowermentWomen in Contemporary India: Issues and Challenges 29-30th March 2013Centre for Women’s Studies, University of North Bengal  National
4.Impact of Domestic Violence Against Women: An OverviewState level Seminar on “Domestic Violence Against Women and Gender Based Violence”  14-15 February, 2015Siliguri Bodhi Bharati Vocational Institute Sponsored by the national Commission for Women, govt. Of India, New DelhiState
5.Teacher Education programme: Basics and Practices“Achievement of Quality in Teacher Education Programme: An Expectation” 19-20th February, 2015Vidyasagar College of Education (Recognized by the ERC, NCE, BBSR & Affiliated to the University of North BenalNational
6.Livelihood and Sustainability of Tribal Women in Tea gardens of North BengalUGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Women in 21st Century: Livelihood, Environment and Sustainability” 27-28 March, 2015Organized by Centre for Women’s Studies University of North Bengal  National
7.Nehruvian Discourse on Tribal Development with Special Reference to North Bengal“Nehru and Nation Building in India”   28-29 March, 2015Centre for Nehru Studies (UC), Department of Political Science, University of North BengalInternational
8.Decentralization of Politics, Political Paradigm Shift and Women’s Participation Special Reference to North BengalUC Sponsored Three-Day National Seminar “State Politics in India: Emerging Issues and Challenges   27-29th April, 2015Department of Political Science, St. Joseph’s College Darjeeling , in Collaboration wit the Discipline of Political Science, HSS, Indian Institute of technology (IIT),  Guahati, Assam.National
9.Oroan Janajatir SanskritiState Level Seminar on “Adibasi Samaj o Sanskriti” 23rd September, 2015Kalbaishakhi Patrika, Dinhata, Coochbehar in collaboration with Harit Patrika, Shibmandir, SiliguriState
10Impact of globalization on Indigenous CulturesInternational Seminar on “Ecology, globalization & Human Rights”   8-10th January, 2016Directed by the Institute of Cross cultural Studies and Academic Exchange, NC, USA, Org. by Mayanguri College, in collaboration with P.D. Women’s College, JalpaiguriInternational  
11.Women’s Political Participation at the Local government Level: A Case Study of Women of North Bengal“Women Environment and Science”   20-30 March, 2016UC Sponsored National Seminar, organized by Centre for Women’s Studies, University of North BengalNational
12.Good Governance and its Challenges “Democracy and Good Governance: the Indian Experience”    21-22 November, 2016Department of Political Science, University of North Maynaguri College in collaboration with Parimal Mitra Smriti MahabidyalayaNational
13.A Perspective on Global Issues in Contemporary Art, Culture and Society “Global Issues in Contemporary Art, Culture and Society”  30-31 March, 2017Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Birpara CollegeInternational
14.Tribal Women in the Democratic Political Process: A Study of Women in the Dooars and Terai Regions of North Bengal“Condition of Plantation Labour in North Bengal Tea Zone”  29th August, 2017.Department of Sociology,   University of North BengalNational
15.Social Unrest in North-East India due to Urbanization and Migration: The wherewithal for CorrectionICSSR-ERC sponsored Sustainable Urbanization in East India: Present Trends and Future Concerns   9-10 March 2019Department of Geography, Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya in Collaboration with Dishari Sankolpo (Environment is our Utmost Priority) ( Govt Reg. No. S/1L/55175) Balurghat Dakshin DinajpurNational  
16.Origins of Beliefs and Rituals in a Society“Beliefs, Rituals and Everyday Life”   22 November 2019Department of Sociology Cluny Women’s College in collaboration with R.C. on Sociology of Everyday Life of Indian Sociological SocietyNational
17.A Study of Effectiveness of Ambedkar’s Reservation Policy in the Present Socio-Economic ScenarioThe Role of Manishi Panchanan Barma and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in the Formation of New India   15-16 Nov. 2022  Baneswar Sarathibala Mahavidyalaya, Baneswar, Cooch Behar and TITAS Charitable Trust, Tufanganj, Cooch Behar in collaboration with Ananda Chandra college Jalpaiguri and Lilabati Mahavidyalaya, Alipurduar  International
18.Importance of Reservation of Indigenous Languages to Safeguard the Tribal Traditions in Terai RegionICSSR, New Delhi, sponsored Interdisciplinary Two-Day National Seminar under theme of Azadi ka Mahostava on “Inclusive Indigenous Knowledge, Practices of the Eastern Himalayan Belt”   25-26 Nov.2022  The Department of Nepali in collaboration with the Department of English, Kalipada  Ghosh Terai Mahavidyalaya, Bagdogra, WB.National
19.A Critical Analysis on the scope of Tourism in the Sub-Himalayan and Dooars Region of North BengalTwo-Day ICSSR sponsored National Seminar on ‘Urbanization, Urban Environment and Sustainability in Himalayan and Sub-Himalayan Region’   1-2nd July 2023  Department of Geography and Applied Geography , North Bengal University in collaboration with Anthropological Survey of India & Foundation of Practicing Geographers, Co-Sponsored by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. & NHPC Ltd.  National  
20.A Study on the Effects of Land Reforms in Post-Independence Era  75 Years of Independence: Understanding North Bengal   7-8th June, 2023Bisra Munda Collee, Hatihisa    International
20.The Importance of Modern Approach Towards Incorporating Inclusive and Holistic Perspective in our Educational System      23rd International Seminar on “Higher Education”   25-27 March 2023Institute for Social Development and Research, RanchiInternational

B. Workshop:

Sl. No.Title of the paper presentedTitle of Conference / SeminarOrganized byWhether International / National / State
1.Optimization of Renewable Energy UsageWorkshop on Environment, River and Man 21st September 2019Department of Geography, Siliguri Mahila MahabidyalayaState
D. Training Programme:
Name of the CoursePlaceDurationSponsoring Agency
Orientation ProgrammeN.B.U9.8.2011-5.9.2011 (28 days)UGC

Course Attended:

Name of the CoursePlaceDurationSponsoring Agency
Refesher CourseN.B.U27.9.12-17.10.12    UGC
Refesher CourseN.B.U04.03.2021-17.03.2021  NBU, HRDC, UGC
Short Term CourseN.B.U23.11.2021-29.11.2021NBU, HRDC, UGC
Refesher CourseN.B.U11.08.2022-26.08.2022 (14 Days)NBU, HRDC, UGC

Research Experience: 5years (2013-2018)

Area Of Interest: Public Administration And Tribal Studies

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