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Unveiling The Revolt Of1857- Exploring, Cause, Effect & Failure

Date: 06.02.2019
Venue: Room No. 4
Number of participants: 34

Department of History of Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya organized a one day seminar on ‘UNVEILING THE REVOLT OF1857- EXPLORING, CAUSE, EFFECT & FAILUR on 6th februry, 2019 at room no 4. Main theme of the seminar is ‘UNVEILING THE REVOLT OF 1857- EXPLORING CAUSE, EFFECT & FAILURE, which is one of the most important chapter of modern Indian history .it is introduced by the University of North Bengal in the CBCS History syllabus of under graduate course. Therefore the chief purpose is to provide a detail and deeper understanding on history of modern India to our students, a valuable source of learning for students who want to gain a deeper understanding of their field. Primary purpose of this seminar is to promote a good educational link between colleges and give the students a prospect to interact with teachers outside of their own college.The seminar started at 11.30 a.m with the welcome address by Dr. Subrata Debnath , Principal, Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya. He has mentioned some important features of the revolt of 1857.The dignatories on the dias were,Dr. Tamali Mustafi, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Suryasen College, Dr. Subrata Debnath , Principal, Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya,Srabani Chatterjee, Head, Department of History, Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya, Prodipta Bose, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya, Sucheta Mitra , guest lecturer, Department of History, Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya, Moushikha Chatterjee , guest lecturer, Department of History, Siliguri Mahila Mahabidyalaya.

All the dignitaries were felicitated by the students of our college.
Teaching and non teaching staff from other departments are present.

Keynote Speaker:

Name: Dr. Tamali Mustafi
Dassignation: Assistant Professor
Department: History
Suryasen College has delivered keynote address with power point presentation.

Seminar On Unveiling The Revolt Of1857- Exploring ,cause, Effect & Failure

It was a very informative seminar in which the following issues are discussed.
The primary objective is to impart explicit knowledge or proficiency in a particular field or topic pertinent to the department s curriculum or research interests. Seminar theme on ‘UNVEILING THE 1857 REVOLT : EXPLORING CAUSES,NATURE AND FAILURE’ has immense significance in the history of India .
02 There are lots of controversies among the historians regarding its historiography.
03 To encourage and motivate students by involvement in real world experiences, achievement stories or innovative ideas associated to the subject matter.
04Encourage students to imagine critically and analytically about the theme, challenging conventional perception and promotion of intellectual curiosity.
05 Provide an opening for students to relate with professionals or experts in the field, creating networking and probable mentorship opportunities.
06 Recommend insights into career paths, and skill sets essential for success in the field, helping learners to make well-versed decisions about their profession.

Outcome :
  • The experience and challenge in their domain help student to overcome the doubts of the theme.
  • Students will leave the speech with a deeper perceptive of the topic discussed, including major concepts, theories, and realistic applications. The lecture stimulates student commitment through active involvement, discussion, and inquiring, that creates a vibrant learning environment. Students will also be capable to be
  • appropriate the knowledge gained from the talk to educational projects, research endeavours, or real-world situation applicable to their field of study.
  • The lectures may motivate students to take steps, whether it’s go after further studies, exploring research prospect, or embarking on commercial ventures correlated to the given topic.
  • Preferably, the lecture be inclined to have a long-term impact on students, influencing their academic and proficient trajectories and nurturing a lifelong passion for learning and finding

Seminar ended with vote of thanks by Prodipta Bose, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya.

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