Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya

Siliguri, Dist: Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

Affiliated To The University Of North Bengal

NAAC Accredited

ISO 9001:2115

Dr. Doli Dey

Assistant Professor
Department Of Education
:Educational Technology & History of Education
Area of Research Interest :Assistant Professor


Nationality: Indian
Religion: Hindu
Cast: General

Educational Qualification:

Name Of ExaminationName Of Board/universityYear Of PassingDivisionSpecialization
B.AUniversity of North Bengal2004I 
M.AUniversity of Kalyani2006IIEducational Technology & History of Education
B. EdUniversity of Kalyani2009IMeasurement & Evaluation
M PhilUniversity of Kalyani2007PASSEducational Technology
Ph.DUniversity of Kalyani2019  

Employment History:

Name of the InstitutionYear of ServiceAffiliation
Kalyani Mahavidyalaya2008-2009Part Time Teacher
Aranghata Girls Higher Secondary School2009-2010Asstt. Teacher
Sukanta Mahavidyalaya16th April 2010 to 15th December 2022Asstt. Professor
Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya16th December 2022 to till dateAsstt. Professor


01.Present Status of Women in Higher Education in West Bengal: An Appraisal Doli Dey Doli Dey & Tarini Hald Sukanta Mahavidyalaya International Journal of Humanities & Social Science Studies (IJHSSS) A Peer-Reviewed Bi-monthly Bi-lingual Research Journal2014 2349-6959 (Online), ISSN: 2349-6711 (Print).
02.Doctoral Degree in Social Science In India with Special Reference to Library and Informatio Doli Dey Dipa Roy Sukanta Mahavidyalaya SRELS Journal of Information Management, Vol 51 (6) 2014 0972-2467(Online), ISSN:0976-2477 (Print).
03.Applicability of Teacher’s Competency at Elementary Level: A Study on Jalpaiguri District Doli Dey, Binayak Chanda, Tarini Halder Sukanta Mahavidyalaya, D.N. College, Aurangabad, Dept. of Education, Kalyani university International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies (IJIMS 2015 2394-7950.
04.Development of Elementary Education in the Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal Doli Dey, Sukanta Mahavidyalaya, Contemporary Research Spectrum, International, Multi-disciplinary, Bi-annual & Refereed Print Journal September 2015 2454-8987.
05.A Micro Study on Present Educational Condition of Dhimal Community Doli Dey Sukanta Mahavidyalaya Edulight Multi-disciplinary, Peer Reviewed Print Research Journal May 2017 2278-9545 Yes.
06.Impact of The Sarva Siksha Abhiyan to the Development of Elementary Education in Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal Doli Dey Sukanta Mahavidyalaya Edulight Multi-disciplinary, Peer Reviewed Print Research Journal November 2017 2278-9545.
07.Somaj Sonskarok raja Rammohan Roy: Prasonga Nari Siksha Dr. Doli Dey Sukanta Mahavidyalaya Ebong Mahua April 2020 Yes.
08.Teacher Education and Value-Dr. Doli Dey-Sukanta Mahavidyalaya,Shodh Sanchar Bulletin-January to March2021-2229-3620-Yes.
09.Inclusion of Disaster Management in the Curriculum of Secondary Education-Dr. Doli Dey-Sukanta Mahavidyalaya-Shodh Sarita, January to March2021-2348-239-Yes.
10.Mullobodher Siksha ebong Swami Vivekananda–Dr. Doli Dey-Sukanta Mahavidyalaya-Ebong Mahua-April 2021-Yes.

The book/chapters  published
  1. Doli Dey-Education of the Marginalized Children Constraints and Strategies-A Micro Study on Present Educational Condition of the Toto Community-National-978-87891-49-9.
  2. Doli Dey-Modern trends in Education-Current Status of Universalization of Elementary Education in West Bengal-National-2015-978-93-313-2596-9.
  3. Doli Dey-Women Empowerment Through Education in India Benefits and Barriers-Education and Empowerment: Swami Vivekananda and his Scheme for Social Reconstruction-National-2015-978-93-313-2596-9.
  4. Doli Dey-Art, Culture & Ethics in the Perspective of Indian Education-Inclusion of Value Education in Higher Education-National-May 2015-978-81-9222902-7-0.
  5. Dr.Doli Dey-Education in a new Outlook-Empowerment of Indian Women in 21st Century-National-2020-978-93-89234-59-6.
  6. Dr.Doli Dey-Teacher Education In India-Inclusion of ICT in the Curriculum of Teacher Education-National-2022-978-81-953037-6-2.
  7. Dr.Doli Dey-Blended Learning Problems & Possibilities-Effect of Covid 19 on Higher Education: A Case Study onJalpaiguri District of West Bengal-National-2022.

Course Attended::

Name of the CoursePlaceDurationSponsoring Agency
Orientation ProgrammeUGC, ASC, North Bengal University26092.2014-25.03.2014UGC
Refresher CourseUGC, ASC, North Bengal University5.02.2015- 25.02.2015UGC
Refresher CourseUGC-Human Resource Development Centre University Of Hyderabad4.08 2020 -18.08 2020    UGC
National Level Workshop  Online6.07.2020-12.06.2020Central University of Himachal Pradesh

Research Experience:

Sl. NoCourseperiodName of the Research Work
1M.A1 YearDissertation
2M.Phil1 YearDissertation
3Ph.D6 YearThesis

Area Of Interest:

  • History of Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Research Methodology
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