Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulation

  • A minimum stipulated attendance must be maintained during the first month of the concerned academic session by all the students, without which the authority shall strike off name of the failing students from the register.
  • Attendance during all forms of assessment is a must, for the students and valid reasons must be supplied in writing with supporting documents in cases of absence.
  • All unruly behaviour/display of violence by the students on college campus is severely punishable.
  • Any form of tampering with college property is strictly prohibited.
  • Students must maintain general silence in corridors, libraries and classrooms, and refrain from indiscriminate use of cellular phones inside the college premises.
  • Any complaint / grievance among students is to be reported to the Grievance / Redressal Cell in writing through grievance boxes.
  • Strict compliance with directives issued for students from time to time is desired.
  • Prayers for concession in fees must be supported by documents deemed suitable by concerned authorities. Notifications regarding concessions must be heeded and candidates must appear personally while awarding of concessions is done.
  • Each student must bear her College Identity Card always on the college premises.
  • A candidate shall be considered collegiate on attending 75% or more of the Lectures delivered/practical classes held on each subject.